Andy's PHP Knowledgebase

Version 0.96.2 (Development)

Changes from 0.96.1

  • updated support email contact
  • version and copyright details

Changes from 0.96

  • improved permission checking
  • clean-up of unused code (commented)
  • fixed saved article submission
  • fix for Q&A

Version 0.96 (Development)

  • fixes for pending articles
  • fix for author registration

Changes from 0.95.8

  • security fixes
  • fixes for pending articles
  • fix for Q&A
  • improvements to article attachment folder
  • improvements to installation

Changes from 0.95.7

  • security fixes

Changes from 0.95.6

  • security fixes
  • html page improvements
  • email to article feature improved

Changes from 0.95.5

  • improved permissions check
  • corrected header when creating an article
  • added permissions in author details (admin)

Changes from 0.95.4

  • fixed question and answers
  • removed PDF plugin

Changes from 0.95.3

  • improved article listing
  • improved aritcle submission
  • improved attachment handling
  • improved author/admin
  • minor tweeks to default configuration

Changes from 0.95.2

  • Fixed security flaws (sql injection) in multiple scripts, a_viewusers.php, keysearch.php, saa.php, a_authordetails.php and pending.php

Changes from 0.95.1

  • updated Article list to partially use mysql class
  • updated registration script to use mysql class
  • fixed multi-author plugin
  • removed a_authorview.php replaced with a_viewusers.php

Changes from 0.95

  • update of a_edita.php from form-get to form-post
  • update of saa.php - fixing lost authorid issue

Changes from 0.94.9

  • new multi-author plugin

Changes from 0.94.8

  • Improvements to keyseach.php including extending the search to list articles by author.
  • Updated author details
  • New links from article lists to author details
  • Changes from 0.94.7

    • fixed single page pagination bug
    • improved author list for admin
    • fixed non-installing footer mode
    • fixed article tagging

    Changes from 0.94.6

    • removed all short tags
    • improved admin view author details
    • improved article submission
    • updated application header

    Changes from 0.94.5

    • added permissions check at pre-install and at Admin login
    • improved installation wizard and improved footer() function.

    Changes from 0.94.4

    • updated ada.php for author article deleting
    • improved article and comment approval
    • improved footer function

    Changes from 0.94.3

    • improved question submission
    • improved registered user view for Admin

    Changes from 0.94.2

  • improved Article submission of saved articles
  • improved article rating
  • update older database connections

    Changes from 0.94.1

  • updated install footer
  • replaced abk.php script with keysearch.php (re-write)
  • Changes from 0.94

    • improved article view
    • improved variable checking
    • improved statistics

    Changes from 0.93.9

    • fixes for author and admin article editing

    Changes from 0.93.8

    • Minor config fixes
    • Keyword reserved word fix for database file

    Changes from 0.93.7

    • Fixed HTML Editor plugin for article editing

    Changes from 0.93.6

    • fixes for saving and submiting articles by authors

    Changes from 0.93.5

    • fixed pending article delete

    Changes from 0.93.4

    • improved messages to the install wizard
    • included failover for page_title against article title.
    • fixed admin user login

    Changes from 0.93.3

    • improvements to integer variable checking
    • fix for first comment appearing as a question
    • fix for article rating

    Changes from 0.93.2

    • improved installation

    Changes from 0.93.1

    • improved installation
    • fixed article comments
    • improved security for uploaded files
    • improved installation scripts

    Changes from 0.92.8

    • improved index page
    • minor tweaking of page elements
    • improvements to login and logout
    • fixed forgot_password.php
    • fixed article submission
    • improved html tag filtering for the html editor plugin
    • implemented new Q & A
    • removed questions table from the database

    Changes from 0.92.7

    • fixed install status in the default configuration file

    Changes from 0.92.6

    • fixed sql file
    • improved knowledgebase configuration and setup.

    Changes from 0.92.5

    • Improved Documentation
    • Improved pending articles, comments and questions

    Changes from 0.92.4

    • fixed pending articles query
    • improved pending article view for the Admin
    • fixed user/admin authentication

    Changes from 0.92.3

    • fixed akb.sql file

    Changes from 0.92.2

    • introduced a new article viewer script v.php
    • improved admin authentication
    • added Admin login to author table
    • removed PHP_AUTH authentication for Admin login
    • removed knowledgebase admin password from akb.sql file
    • added Admin user to akb.sql file
    • moved html header and menus to 'html' directory for easy editing
    • included article details when viewing an article
    • improved pending, approval and Q&A
    • re-implemented article tags, related articles, comments and article rating.

    Changes from 0.92.1

    • updated feedback and development email links in documentation.
    • improved admin authentication

    Changes from 0.92

  • included the number of records displayed on the main kb page as a setup option
  • fixed article statistics in kbadmin
  • improved header functions with html path for mostly html code
  • included dev folder for development mini-projects between releases
  • Changes from 0.91

  • improved rss plugin
  • Changes from 0.9

  • fixed admin view all articles
  • minor formatting and placement

    Changes in template and index

  • improved author article list
  • Changes from 0.89

    • removed product field references
    • updated project links to
    • improved article editing, saving and submission and admin article editing and approval
    • improved PDF plugin

    Changes from 0.88.9

    • simplified initial configuration and error handling

    Changes from 0.88.8

    • Introduced PDF and RSS plugins
    • fixed article approval

    Changes from 0.88.7

    • Replaced categories with article tags.

    Changes from 0.88.6

    • fixed a_setup.php script, now allows for initial access to setup form upon new installation
    • corrected variable problems in a_categories.php
    • improved production level selection in a_setup.php
    • fixed typographical error in sql file

    Changes from 0.88.5

    • fixed submit date issue in sql file
    • corrected password fields in sql file and a_setup.php
    • fixed a_categories for adding new category
    • improved article editing

    Changes from 0.88

    • fixed default password issue in setup page
    • introduced article attachments in the author's article list with the ability to view/delete attachments.

    Changes from 0.87

    • Improvements to the setup and configuration
    • added html editor plugin for author editing

    Changes from 0.86

    • Improvements to setup and configuration
    • fixed problems with akb.sql file
    • improved filtering for html edited articles

    Changes from 0.85

    • Improvements to setup and configuration
    • Introduced plugins, added HTML Editor Plugin

    Changes from 0.84

    • fixed intital setup

    Changes from 0.83

    • unified user/admin to a single interface
    • fixed Q & A
    • moved global.php to functions.php
    • improved subcategory article listing
    • fixed title display in statistics, questions and categories
    • removed admin directory, prefixed/renamed admin scripts 'a_'

    Changes from 0.82

    • improved xss filtering for user inputs.
    • improved flexibility for integrating with HTML editors
    • fixed article information in side panel
    • fixed related article listing in side panel
    • improved category listing in category forms.

    Changes from 0.81

    • improvements to input filtering article submissions and article searching.

    Changes from 0.80

    • fixed author registration

    Changes from 0.79

    • fix to the database
    • fix to keyword searching for articles

    Changes from 0.78

    • improved article viewing
    • fixed printer friendly article viewing
    • fixed question and answers

    Changes from 0.77

    • fixed author login and authentication
    • improved knowledgebase setup

    Changes from 0.76

    • fixed category listing
    • improved article submission
    • minor fixes to admin pages including view article, statistics and pending questions.

    Changes from 0.75

    • fixed article comments
    • created header, menu and footer functions in global file.
    • improved article information for article viewing in kbadmin.
    • improved article rating form.
    • improved related article search.

    Changes from 0.74

    • improved installation and configuration
    • introduced product field, allowing greater accuracy with searching
    • improved keyword searching
    • introduced article attachments
    • format fixes for item listings

    Changes from 0.73

    • Major

    Changes to category functions (re-write)

  • Improvements to Q&A, Article Submission, Comments and article rating
  • Corrections to article viewing and comment order.
  • Changes from 0.72

    • Fixed Author Authentication
    • small formatting fix in the admin interface
    • fixed article rating

    Changes from 0.71

    • Style clean-up, fixes for IE and Firefox(Mac).
    • Removed image upload, links and link utility
    • added ISSUES file for known problems with aphpkb

    Changes from 0.70

    • fixed submit article links
    • fixed article count in categories

    Changes from 0.67

    • Improved rating article
    • Introduced Image uploading for authors
    • Improved article summaries
    • Improved article viewing for users and admin
    • Fixed article editing for admin
    • Fixed article rating so authors don't have the option of rating their own articles.

    Changes from 0.66

  • Fix to Q&A
  • Improved article editing in kbadmin
  • Changes from 0.65

  • introduced a related article list when viewing an article.
  • improved admin view_article, providing greater details for the kb admin.
  • improved article editing by authors
  • Changes from 0.64

  • some text and formatting


  • improved article submission
  • Changes from 0.63

    • Article Search by Keyword query fixed
    • Improved aphpkb setup
    • Added Popularly rated list in main page

    Changes from 0.62

    • fixes to the database structure

    Changes from 0.61

    • improved article rating
    • updated documentation

    Changes from 0.6

    • fixed ranking.php to list articles only
    • updated install instructions for the latest version.
    • improved article rating

    Changes from 0.59

    • Introduced author login/logout/change password and reset password
    • Introduced author list/edit/delete articles
    • re-wrote submit_article with support for author submission and author save for future submission.
    • Improved view_all.php, pending_articles.php and edit_articles.php in kbadmin.
    • Introduced view_authors.php and authordetails.php in kbadmin
    • Improved Category and subcategory listings
    • Improved Ask a Question

    Changes from 0.57 and 0.58

    • XSS Security Fixes

    Changes from 0.56

    • Improved knowledgebase setup

    Changes from 0.55

    • new home URL for navigation links ( user & kbadmin )
    • updated kbadmin header and footer
    • Improved suggest category

    Changes from 0.54

    • New Printer Friendly View in the article view script.
    • Footer file now updates version number from /docs/VERSION.
    • Minor change in /docs/VERSION format.

    Changes from 0.53

    • Improvements to authorization scripts in the kbadmin
    • code cleanup and removal of old scripts which are no longer used.

    Changes from 0.52

    • Improved Links Utility in kbadmin
    • Date fix in article view
    • Added limited rating in article view

    Changes from 0.5 and 0.51

    • Small improvements to install script
    • Removed Users table for the Database, no longer used
    • Added Links to the Database
    • Added Links Utility to kbadmin
    • Added version number on the template

    Changes from 0.45

    • minor code cleanup
    • database connect script replaced with config file
    • created install.php script to set up kb/db values
    • cleaned up database for categories

    Changes from 0.44

    • corrected article listing by category
    • minor formatting

    Changes to template

  • added article count for sub-category listing
  • added Parent Category link for sub-category listing
  • corrected formatting for top5 and recent5 article listings
  • cleaned up title and article summaries.
  • fixed - views not being updated in view_article.php
  • Changes from 0.43

    • Improvements to Q&A
    • Introduced Sub-Categories
    • Improvments to some formatting
    • Fix to submit_comment

    Changes from 0.41 and 0.42

    • Corrected akb.sql file

    Changes from 0.4

    • Corrected Users table
    • improved cateogory suggestion

    Changes from 0.39

    • converted formatting from to CSS
    • Install Guide Re-write
    • Limited Email Integration with Answered Questions
    • Improved Path handling with all scripts
    • Incorrect Search Link corrected
    • Changes from 0.38

      • Improved Q&A functions
      • Simplified Cateogory Listing
      • Simplified Search Results
      • Added pagination for listing and results

      Changes from 0.371

      • Added Q&A functions
      • Simplified Article Submission
      • Streamlined Installation Guide
      • Added Statistics for KB Admin

      Changes from 0.361

      • Minor name change: Andy's PHP Knowledgebase
      • Suggest a Category for users.
      • Category Add, Approve, Delete and Edit for KB Admin
      • Added the ability for users to add comments to an article
      • Added Comments Approve, Edit and Delete for KB Admin
      • Basic Editor for Article Submissions

      Changes from 0.35

      • changed articledata field from blob to largetext
      • fixes to installation instructions
      • cleaned up database connection file and auth file references
      • added delete article to Pending and View_All.
      • edit_article: renamed 'ClearAll' to 'Revert'
      • edit_article: fixed defaut category type

      Changes from 0.33

      • removed frequently asked questions
      • placed articledata into the database
      • removed file, open/read/write functions
      • added article count per category
      • removed View All link from Main page
      • renamed main and admin page links
      • modified aphpkb project link
      • created new project images logo.gif and aphpkb.jpg

      Changes from 0.31

      • added article view count
      • added top 5 and last 5 articles on search page
      • added category table to the db
      • fixed db connection file issue
      • added View All Articles in Admin
      • added Edit on both Pending and View All Article pages
      • Added Change Admin Password
      • Fixed Slashes problem with Title and Articles
      • Added Approved/Pending indicator for edit_article

      Changes from 0.3

      • re-included connection details
      • created new adminheader.html and adminfooter files
      • removed imgs and includes from admin

      Changes from 0.21

      • fixed admin authentication
      • added stripslashes for article title
      • added check for approval before displaying article to user
      • fixed result formatting on admin page
      • new default images

      Changes from 0.2

      • Minor document and script

      Changes, included auth.php in package, included authentication script in install instructions.

      Changes from 0.1

      • added Frequently Asked Questions
      • removed "Submit an Article" Emailer.
      • added submit an Article allowing users to add articles
      • changed query ORDER by Title for the search and ORDER by FileID for "showall"
      • altered results table
      • added admin directory allowing the administrator to check articles before approving them.
      • added authentication to the admin user
      • added users table for admin authentication
      • added Category selection
      • added approve.php script to enable articles.
      • added article summary in search results.